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Humble Beginnings

In early 2017, Allison Frasca was in a musical called Beardo and bonded with her fellow castmates over the "All Star" internet meme which takes the song and manipulates it in many clever and funny ways. This planted the seed for an All Star musical. "What if there were an entire full-scale musical production using only the song "All Star" by Smash Mouth?" 
And so our journey begins...
Over the next few months and after many drafts, the world of Nash South began to take shape. The first private reading of All Star - The Best Broadway Musical was held in December of 2017. 
A year of editing and dreaming big, led to two more readings at the Davenport Loft in October of 2018. This is when the show took off! An article was written for Polygon which got picked up by multiple news sources. All Star had taken the world (particularly Australia) by storm!

Hey Now, We're All Stars!

Breaking the Mold

Riding this wave of interest, the All Star family jumped into action and planned three more readings, this time for the public, at The Theater Center in December of 2018 . The show was once again met with joyous accolades!
All Star continues to grow strong as we develop our creative team. 
We could all use a little change, and All Star is just the show to break the mold!
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